6 PPC Best Practices To Implement Right Now

To reach the full potential of your Pay Per Click campaign, you need to ensure you’re following the tried and tested best practices. Our PPC experts have listed just some of the key best practices that you can implement into your own campaigns right now. Let’s get started.


Ad Copy

Targeting the most impactful keywords will get your ad in front of the right audience, but a strong ad copy will get those people to click through to your landing page. For you to achieve persuasive ad copy, you need to make sure the words you use give the viewer exactly what they are looking for.

Search ads are comprised of a headline, URL, and short description that each has a character limit to adhere to. To make the most of this, ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • ┬áInclude the main keyword.
  • Provide an actionable call to action.
  • Make the offer attractive.
  • Use language that matches the landing page copy.


A/B Testing

The power of A/B testing your ads will allow you to put the very best version of your ad out to the audience. This form of testing will increase the clickthrough rate and conversion rate. A small change to one of the elements – landing page, headline, description, target keywords – will result in a huge difference. This includes the variation of these elements, which you should list before you begin the A/B testing to ensure you haven’t missed any. Don’t rush the testing stage, as you need long enough to determine whether or not the variation has been successful or not.


Landing Page

One of the most important parts of PPC is the page that your audience will arrive on after they click the ad. This page needs to be highly optimised, with great information and a design that appeals to your target audience. It must also deliver what was promised, otherwise, people will click away and go elsewhere for the same product or service.

Here are some things that a strong landing page for PPC should include:

  • An impactful headline that mirrors the search ad headline
  • A clean design and layout makes it easy for the viewer to understand and process.
  • A contact form that is easy to use and features a clear call-to-action button.
  • Simple but strong copy that is relevant to your target keywords.


Custom Ad Scheduling

You are able to set up a custom schedule for your ads and instruct search engines only to display your ad at certain times and/or days. This allows you to improve the relevance for your target audience and is particularly helpful if you are looking to reach a certain type of audience that you know will be looking at a certain day/time throughout the week. It also helps you to cut down on ad spending with the budget being allocated elsewhere to maximise the return on investment.

Custom Ad Schedule Google Ads


Negative Keywords

A negative keyword list is essential to curating a successful PPC campaign. The list tells the search engine what you do not want to rank for, which is just as important as the list of keywords that you do want to rank under. You can monitor the search terms and add the negative keywords appropriately. You would be surprised what search queries people look for that can trigger your ad, but by blocking this keyword out you can save yourself money in the long term and make the campaign more tailored to the desired audience.


Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions allow you to add more information and value to your ad. For example, if you’re running an ad for a local business, you could add a site link extension that will display the business opening hours and location on the ad. These extensions will also take up more room on the results page and make your ad stand out more.


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