Creating Engaging Content on Social Media

Creating Engaging Social Media Content

There are countless social media platforms out there. No matter which of these you decide to use for your business marketing, it is important to produce engaging content to successfully reach your desired audience and achieve your desired impact – be that brand awareness or to drive leads & sales.

Our social media experts have rounded up their tip tips to take into account when producing content.

Why is social media content important?

Content is essential for social media marketing as it is the driving force behind attracting and converting your audience into customers. High-quality content can inform, educate and mobilise an audience. Content can also:

  • Spread information about products and services
  • Communicate a brand’s goal
  • Entertain and persuade the viewers to engage
  • Generate leads
  • Keep the brand recognisable and in consumers’ minds
  • Improve online visibility


5 Ways to Create Engaging Content


1. Video, video, video

A HubSpot study concluded that 83% of video marketers generated more leads using video content rather than any other form of content. Videos are more engaging and deliver valuable information to viewers quicker than an image or text-based form of content.

However, be sure to keep it short. People scrolling through social media have short attention spans and your content has to make enough of an impact to stop them scrolling in less than a few seconds. Once you have their attention, they will want the information communicated in the least amount of time, so don’t lose out by publishing long-form video content. The rise of TikTok has shown us between 10 and 30 seconds is a great starting point to make an impact. Don’t forget to include closed captions in videos with someone speaking.

topclick Social Media Video


2. Infographics

Infographics are a fantastic way to relay information that you would otherwise have written as text. They should have strong visual and textual elements that communicate the messaging in a bite-sized way.

Try repurposing your longer-form content from website pages and blog posts into infographics for social media. Use graphic design platforms such as Canva to produce free infographics – they have 1000s of templates to get you started.


3. Trending topics & popular culture

Content that successfully ‘taps in’ to trending topics will be received very well by audiences online. By associating with popular culture moments and trends, your brand will benefit from significantly higher engagement rates. But be careful about what you engage with, as it must be something that your audience is also interested in.

Take Ryanair as an example. They consistently engage with trending popular culture moments, such as the recent controversy surrounding James Corden being banned from a New York restaurant. Their quick-witted response saw 300,000 likes on Twitter and began a social media trend of brands announcing James was ‘banned’ from using their product/service.

Ryanair Twitter


4. Sharing real testimonials and reviews

Having great reviews and testimonials can impact your brand’s reputation and help to build trust with potential customers that come across your business. With almost 70% of customers making buying decisions based on reviews, sharing positive testimonials from authentic customers on social media is a fantastic strategy. This shouldn’t just be text-based reviews and can be communicated through images and videos.


5. Show your human side

Some of the most effective uses of social media to produce interest and engagement are through displaying the human authenticity behind the brand and profile. It can be easy for customers to view social profiles as an extension of the business’s corporate identity, and this makes them switch off to posts. Brands like Innocent are fantastic at this, as you can tell from their language and content that the social media managers running the business account are having fun with their work, making it very current and relatable to today’s younger generation.

Innocent Drinks Twitter post


Social media marketing agency topclick has the necessary expertise to help you grow steadily across a wide range of social media platforms, utilising the enormous reach available to target the customers you want to engage. Get in touch with us today for more information.