Google changes to broad match modifier

Early this month Google announced it would be making changes to the keyword match type ‘broad match modifier’, also known as ‘modified broad match’ or BMM.

Broad Match Modifier was a popular choice for Google Ads certified agencies like topclick when used with other keyword match types. By inserting a (+) in front a keyword, it allows a broader yield than just a board match yet greater reach than phrase or exact match. Variants, singular or plural, misspellings and abbreviations would be covered thus allowing the advertiser to pick up new and leads, sales and website visitors.

What will happen to broad match modifier terms in my Google Ads account?

The phrase match keyword has been extended and Google have said “it will continue to respect word order when it’s important to meaning.” The BMM match type cut off date hasn’t yet been confirmed but we anticipate around July the full roll out will have been completed. ¬†Keywords already using the broad match modifier match type will continue to serve but essentially become phrase match terms.

What will the impact be to broad match modifier being phased out?

Moving to phrase match which will narrow the searches as these usually form a large majority of an account. We would recommend trialling a switch to broad to prevent a decrease in impressions. From here we’d monitor searches coming through as we may find more of the searches are less relevant so to balance this our we’d apply a further layer of negative keywords. Depending on performance, we can change certain broad keywords to phrase match and vice versa.

Should this still be too broad after testing we can change certain Broad keywords to Phrase match depending on performance.

Google match type summary 2021

Exact match: Best used for precision

Broad match: Ideal for broadening reach

Phrase match: The right combination of both

Still unsure about broad match modifier?

If you’re unsure about these changes Google is making to broad match modifier match types, then speak to us today. Our PPC team are on hand to help!