How to Use Instagram as a Small Business

Using Instagram for businesses is a powerful and very affordable way to grow your company. With its vast power as one of the largest social media platforms, you can reach new customers, stay connected to existing ones, and make sales within the app.

If you’re unsure how to use Instagram as a small business, then our social media wizards have put together the following guide to get you started. Let’s begin!


Optimising Your Profile

The first place to start is of course to set up your Instagram profile and ensure that you have the business account feature turned on. This will allow you to explore more features, such as analytics, business hours, location, contact methods and the linking of product/service catalogues. To really achieve a strong profile, make sure your picture and bio are in line with your general social media branding.

You can also be crafty with how you optimise the single link field that Instagram offers. You can now use the link to serve up a landing page with recent content and links to the most important product and service pages. This has become particularly popular with fashion brands, as it allows users to “shop the feed”.

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Use Instagram Stories

Brand visibility

By appearing on stories every day and throughout the day, you are creating brand awareness and getting people more familiar with your business. This includes the people behind it, which allows potential customers to establish a personal connection with you. This connection will build trust and increase the chance of converting sales.

Increase engagement

Instagram Stories are the perfect place to increase your engagement. Make sure you are using all of the interactive features that Instagram offers to give your audience a chance to engage with you. For example polls, questions, countdowns, and quizzes. When people do interact with you, Instagram knows that people are interested in your content and it will be pushed out to more users.

Instagram Stories

Brand relatability

Even if your main Instagram feed is keeping to a more professional aesthetic, your Instagram stories are the perfect place to remind your audience that you are human and there are real people running your business. By posting more relatable, personable content, you are going to increase the trust between your audience and brand. This will in turn lead to more sales as people buy from people that they trust.


Geotag your location

When posting from the location of your business, don’t forget to geotag your location! Even if you forget, you can edit past posts to add this. It offers great benefits to you as a small business, as Instagram compiles all the posts tagged in that location and sorts them into ‘top’ and ‘recent’. There is even a “view information” section which includes links and information about the tagged business. All of this works to improve brand awareness and specifically to local people, which of course as a small business you will want to target.


Creating Guides

Instagram Guides are a more recent feature that allows you to compile favourite posts into one piece of featured content that reads similar to an article. The content can include photos, posts and text from your own feed as well as other feeds that you have saved.

How to use Instagram Guides to Grow Your Account | Flick

Source: Flick


Going Live

Going live on Instagram has many benefits, the main one being that your followers will receive a notification when an account they follow goes Live. This is instant communication that will keep your business top of mind for your followers. If you’re stuck on ideas, here are a few to get you started:

  • Q&A
  • Interview a member of your team or share the live stream with another account
  • Showcase your product or service
  • Go behind the scenes with a tour of your space to showcase the creative process.


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