How using a page builder can transform your next website project

It’s undeniable the options available to WordPress website developers in 2020 is almost incomparable to those over a decade ago, with so many new technologies coming onto the market and software companies offering solutions that make the whole process of constructing a website infinitely easier and less complicated. One of the tools that has seen a large amount of growth in the last few years is page builders, with many software companies now offering them as websites become more straightforward to produce for those with less experience within website development. You may be thinking “A page builder? That sounds like Wix or Squarespace!” While it is true, the simplistic page building tools offered by both are targeted at a specific market; those who don’t possess the sufficient knowledge to be able to build a website using a more sophisticated CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress. For those that are able to confidently use WordPress, there are a wide variety of fully fleshed-out options available to that will allow the construction of a WordPress website to be (almost) hassle free!

Introducing, WPBakery!

Today we are going to talk about one of the more popular options in the world of page builders; WPBakery. This solution has been extensively developed with a wide array of available elements that allow websites to be built easily using the integrated drop and drag editor. By allowing functions to be added and configured with little fuss, it means less time is spent trying to get things to work the way that’s required and more time is spent getting the website project where it needs to be. As well, whether the developer wants to build the website using the frontend designer (like is seen with Wix and Squarespace, but having a wider range of features and customisation available) or in the backend designer where elements can be manipulated more closely to get the specific result needed, this is all completely supported through WPBakery! It doesn’t force the developer to build the website in a certain way, it’s all completely down to them how they want to tackle it.

A standout choice for theme developers

In addition to being a page builder that will help any developer produce websites that look great while still retaining the ability to customise to their hearts content, it has been many theme developers ‘go-to’ option for quite a few years now. Plenty of theme development agencies have exclusively built their packages around WPBakery, due to its versatility and ease of use. One of the largest theme developers, Qode Interactive, builds their award winning designs using this specific page builder, although they have branched out to include Elementor now due to its rise in popularity over the years using a frontend approach to website development in comparison to WPBakery, while still maintaining the ability to make more granular integrations and customisations.

A worthwhile consideration

This approach may not suit every developer though. Many still choose to build their websites without the assistance of a page builder, due to needing complete control over how every element of their pages function and appear down to the most minute detail. Which is okay! Some development projects need this level of detail due to the requirements set out at its conception. But for those who are looking to revolutionise the way they develop websites using a new toolkit, it’s 100% worth considering as it offers so many powerful features that can make the process so much more enjoyable, and of course, less stressful!