Why Good Website Design Is Important For Your Business

The importance of good website design for any business operating today cannot be understated. The term ‘website design’ can be defined as the arrangement and conceptualisation of content on a website. But this goes beyond the visuals of the website, also including the website’s functionality and how it impacts the overall user experience.

The following guide will break down why website design is important for you and your business, giving you practical action points that you will be able to implement on your own website.

Why Website Design Is Important

At the most basic level, website design is important because it matters to your customers. Whether they realise it at the time or not, people viewing your website will be judging your business based on the aesthetic and design of your website.  A Stanford study discovered that 75% of website users made judgements about a business’s credibility based on its visual design alone. If your website is outdated or visually unappealing, potential customers are likely to look elsewhere for a similar product or service with a stronger web design that they trust.

What Makes Website Design “Good”?

While the concept of ‘good website design’ is completely subjective to the person viewing the website and their personal preferences, there are recommendations that we can make based on our experiences and research. As a general rule, opting for a simple but effective design is the safest way to approach the process.


Your website design should make things as easy as possible for what the user is trying to achieve – be that to purchase a product, find an answer to a specific question, or locate the contact information. If they cannot achieve this easily, they are likely to grow frustrated and turn away from the website to look elsewhere. Therefore, keep the main navigation simple and ensure it features all of your main services, as well as your telephone number clearly located in the top corner of the website for click-to-call use.


With most online searches now occurring on mobile devices, mobile-friendly website design is more important than ever. In fact, many businesses optimise their websites with a mobile-first approach.

SEO Optimised

Throughout the entire design process, it’s critical that search engine optimization is considered and implemented where applicable. For example, inefficient coding or large images will make the website load slowly, and this is one of the ‘core web vitals’ that search engines take into account when considering SEO rankings. Another important SEO element is a keyword-rich copy, so the website design must allow for this to be present alongside the appropriate H1 and H2 headings.


Good website design will guide your user and tell them where you want them to look. This may include special offers, highlighting call-to-action’s and helping users to identify buttons or clickable elements that reveal more information.

Website Design with topclick

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