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topclick has an excellent team with proven experience setting up, optimising, and maintaining Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads across Google and Bing. This form of data-driven marketing using search engines is unlike traditional forms of marketing as it ensures that ads are only served to a relevant audience. One of the greatest benefits of PPC is that the actions and results from ads can be directly tracked and measured, allowing clients to only pay when a user clicks on their ad.

We understand that no client is the same, so our campaigns are tailored to each individual goal. Our team has experience across multiple industries generating leads, calls, sales, traffic, and app installs. Drawing on our wealth of knowledge we can help you decide what type of campaign best suits your needs.

Search & display – what’s right for you?

There are different benefits to running search or display ads, our team can help you navigate these and find the right solution for you.

Search is a strong technique for driving firm actions such as leads and sales, these ads appear as a text block at the top or bottom of a page when searching on Google or Bing. The ads are comprised of a few headlines and descriptions and show when a users’ search matches the keyword associated with that ad.

Whereas display campaigns provide the opportunity to showcase creative images. These image ads show across the Google network with a headline and a link. Targeting for display is created using demographics, interests, and topics to pinpoint a relevant user and as such is excellent for building brand awareness and remarketing.

How remarketing works

Remarketing is an outstanding way to reinforce your previous marketing activity by targeting users who have interacted with your website. Remarketing often sees abundant results and can be applied to existing search campaigns by increasing bids of users who have visited the site or can be used as a stand-alone display campaign. Either way users can be reminded to complete their actions, making it a useful method for driving conversions and brand awareness.

Optimise your e-commerce website with Google Shopping ads!

Google Shopping ads are particularly useful for e-commerce businesses, and often provide a cheaper way to promote specific products than through search. Shopping ads look engaging, with a product image displaying its title and price. These ads are shown at the top or bottom of a Google page when a search matches key terms within the product title; a price the business is willing to pay for a click is then assigned to each product.

How Does Our PPC Agency Work?

Think of us as an extension to your marketing department. Even better than that, an extension to your team! Here at topclick our experts really understand to what’s important to your business and how to engage with your audience to maximise online sales, drive new business enquiries and stand out amongst your competitors. Our all encompassing PPC packages are great for all businesses looking to take that next step in paid search with a KPI growth focused led strategy from a Google Certified Premier agency.

Prices start from £500.00 + VAT per month

What’s included?

Page One Dominance For Your Brand, Product or Service

Creative Led, Data Driven Results Focused Strategies

Visibility on Google, Bing & Facebook

Friendly & KPI Focused Management

Live Dashboard Analysis, Competitor Monitoring & Bespoke Reporting

Why use topclick for PPC management?

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Having an effective PPC strategy that reaches the right audiences is essential. To discover how our experts can create a targeted campaign to meet your requirements, please fill out the form. We will complete your FREE PPC audit within 2-3 working days of receiving your form. Once we’ve concluded the audit, one of our expert PPC account managers will get in touch with you discuss in detail the most impactful way of achieving your businesses goals.