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PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a strategy used in digital marketing to capture the interest of users who had shown interest in a similar product or service. 

PPC includes several types of digital advertising options, such as display ads, banners, carousels, and remarketing ads. These ads often show up on Search Engines after a query is entered and can take different forms or shapes. 

Unlike the ads we are used to, these are targeted to an audience that has already shown interest in your brand. While the whole system is automated, you will have complete control over the ads – something that can help you manage your budget better.

Why Do PPC With topclick?


Search Ads are those additional links that you will see at the top of the result page on Google or Bing. In both cases, these ads are related to the query entered. If you have a local business to promote, this can be an efficient solution to start advertising your product. Search Ads are easily recognizable for the small logo that accompanies them.


Display ads are the billboards of digital marketing, and they usually appear on the Google search result page. These types of ads often come under the form of carousels, and they are not necessarily related to the search query. While they often target interested customers, these ads might also be seen by everybody.

Remarketing Ads

If you have noticed that some people will visit your website but leave without completing a purchase, you might have already started to worry. However, it is entirely normal for some visitors to just not go ahead with the purchase. In this case, the purpose of remarketing ads is to let them know a little more about the company and its products. This form of digital advertising can be extremely effective because it targets those who have already shown an interest.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping, just like Amazon, is a platform that allows users to see, compare and purchase items through a streamlined process. Due to its popularity, Google Shopping has grown into the most extensive platform for eCommerce businesses. Having your own space on it can help you promote your new offers.

Get More Sales & Leads With PPC in Guildford

Unlike other digital marketing techniques, PPC can offer you immediate results. Indeed, just after the campaign has been launched, you will be able to notice an increase in the number of visitors on your website. From here, you can only admire the number of conversions from interest to purchases increasing!

PPC Marketing Has Potentially Unlimited Business Potential

Leveraging the potential of digital marketing is essential for any business, small or large. As the requests for these advertisement solutions become greater, the characteristics of this type of marketing have also been evolving.  Today, the field is highly sophisticated. Our experts at TopClick, our PPC company in Guildford, have studied all the latest strategies to ensure that your new product, services, or brand arrives in front of the eyes of interested, relevant users.

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