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Digital advertising has become sophisticated and indispensable in recent years. When searching on Google or Bing, a range of adverts are displayed to potential customers to attract their attention. These can be generic banner ads or ones that are more targeted. Our team of experts can put an advertising plan together to suit your objectives and budget. 

Why Do PPC With topclick?


Search ads can be spotted when using a search engine like Google or Bing. They appear at the top and bottom of the organic search results when you query something in the search field. YOu can identify them by the small ‘Ad’ logo.


Display ads are visible anywhere regardless of your search query – they appear in a carousel format above the main Google search results. Display ads can be optimised to target a selected audience or relevant industry. Like billboards, they can also display to everyone.

Remarketing Ads

There are a million reasons why people might not follow through on a purchase or conversion when visiting your website; retargeted ads entice them back to complete their purchase with more information or exclusive deals. It targets customers already interested in a product.

Google Shopping Ads

Despite the popularity of Amazon, Google Shopping is still the internet’s most extensive base for ecommerce. Like Amazon, products can be found quickly and then easily compared. Compelling product descriptions, reviews, and opinions are the benchmark for generating leads.

Get More Sales & Leads With PPC Campaign Management

PPC Advertising is not only effective; the results are instant. Minutes after you create your PPC campaign, you can start watching the traffic arriving at your website and converting it.

As your campaign progresses, you can continue to optimise your PPC ads to make them even more efficient. In days, you will notice a marked increase in sales and leads. 

PPC Marketing Has Potentially Unlimited Business Potential

Google Adwords offers businesses an efficient and scalable marketing strategy that converts. It offers millions of keywords to bid on, with new ones available every day. This means your business has access to a potentially limitless audience.

When you have set up a profitable PPC campaign, you can manage your budget allocation for better efficiency and further profits. Using analytics, you can quickly see which keywords are working best and target those. By paying more for effective keywords, you will outrank your competitors.   

Not all keywords are profitable for everyone, so finding the right ones for you is essential. When you have these keywords, you can increase their purchase by investing more of your budget. More efficient investment translates into more visitors and better returns. 

Have Any Questions?

Our expert PPC Team are always available to help with any queries that you may have about taking your next steps. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what topclick can do for your business!

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