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Engage your audience like never before!

We all live and breathe social media with it being very much part of our daily routines and how we live our lives. Brands understand this and with their captive audience they can speak to them like never before.

Whether it being KFC’s #chickencrisis back in 2018, #fifaworldcup, #youtubedown trending or Lidl and Aldi jesting with each other on Twitter, brands need to be reactive to what’s happening in real time.

Customers expect to see news, product information and offers in their feed; so take the opportunity to start a conversation and engage with them like never before! Whether it’s polls on Instagram, competitions on Facebook, likes and retweets on Twitter or tagging on TikTok, we’ve got you covered.

Get your FREE social media audit!

Not every business will be suited for every social media platform, that is an undeniable truth. The growth of your brand on social media will depend on choosing the right platforms and targeting methods. To find out how we help you find the most appropriate way to utilise your brand on social media, please fill in the form. We will complete your FREE social media audit within 2-3 working days of receiving your form. Once we’ve completed your audit, one of our many knowledgeable social media managers will reach out to you directly to find the most appropriate way forward from the outcome of the audit.

Which platforms should I focus on?

By 2025, the number of social media users in the UK is expected to reach 50 million, which means there’s no sign of the growth slowing down any time soon.

In the last couple of years we’ve seen new platforms such as TikTok enter the market and rather than taking share away from social media giants like Facebook or Instagram, they’ve come in and played right along side them. It’s forecast that by the end of 2020, almost 10% of the UK population will be TikTok users.

Here at topclick, we have the necessary expertise to help you grow steadily across a wide range of social media platforms, utilising the enormous reach available to target the customers you want to engage.

Social media magic ingredients!

Content, data and strategy should be at the heart of all social media campaigns. We get to know your business inside and out to help us fully understand who your audience are and how to connect with them in the most effective manner.

A strategic blend of brand awareness, community engagement, reporting and scalability is at the core of all our social media campaigns, whether it’s paid or organic social marketing.

Getting the most out of social media

We remember when social media meant posting a picture or updating your status. Fast forward to the present day where we can control every element of the content your audience is able to see.

Need to target females of a certain age because you have a new shop opening? Want to engage with customers because you have an item back in stock online? Looking for leads for a B2B service? A sole trader expanding into a new neighbourhood?

Personal connection is in the core of our marketing agency, so we strive to constantly improve our relationships with our clients in Surrey. We love to meet them in person, and work on social media strategy that fits their business the most. With a combined approach of organic, boosted and paid, we can deliver the key messages your business wants to promote at the right time, in order to yield the highest return on investment and social engagement.

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