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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business

Here at TopClick, we understand just how important social media is to you as a business, which is why we want to help you create both unique and engaging content that will allow you to build genuine connections with your target audience. To do this, we create a strategy that works towards building you an active online community, helping draw attention to both your brand and your business. As you know more about your business than anyone, we work closely with you to help make use of your industry knowledge, combining it with our strategic expertise to build incredible campaigns.  

Throughout these campaigns, we will ensure that we utilise multiple social media platforms, putting your brand in the right place at the right time, ultimately helping you to reach both new and existing customers.

Why Do Social Media Advertising With topclick?

Instagram Advertising Services

Instagram is a great way to help you build brand awareness and introduce new products to new and existing customers. With 70% of the app’s users using Instagram to search for a brand, it’s a great example of how you can promote your brand in a friendly and authentic way. No more hard selling!

Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn is fast becoming one of the most popular choices when it comes to marketing your business, especially if you’re a B2B business. Whether you’re hoping to drive traffic to your website or you’re looking to generate leads, we are here to make sure your message is in front of all the right people.

Facebook Advertising

As a social media agency, Facebook is something we consider to be a useful tool for all business, especially as there are now 1.5 billion people logging onto the platform each day. To help grow your brand online, our team can help you maximise your overall Facebook spend.


YouTube is the world’s social media channel, as well as the second largest search engine. This means, no matter what business you’re in, you need to including it in your strategy. We can help you showcase your skills and products to the masses, from coming up with ideas to creating content.

Influencer Marketing

We can help you search for the perfect social media influencers, helping to manage your strategy from start to finish. This includes negotiating fees, managing creatives, and reporting on ROI after the campaign is over.

Full In-House Social Media Advertising Woking

As well as organic and paid social, we’re also able to offer insight services including social media strategies and reporting.                          

Reporting, in particular, is a key element of our social media services as it allows us to review and assess all of the activity we have done for you, comparing it against your objectives and KPI’s. Not only does this indicate whether or not we’re delivering the best results we can, but it’s our opportunity to show you that your investment was 100% worth it as a business.

How can TopClick help you to cut through the noise on social media?

From launching your products and collecting leads to building brand awareness and your online presence, social media is an integral part of solving a lot of common business problems. Luckily, as an expert social media agency, we have the knowledge required to help you solve these problems and achieve your overall objectives as a business. 

When it comes to working with TopClick, there are two main areas that we deal with, otherwise known as organic social and paid social. Organic social refers to all of the activity on your social media channel that is non-paid, whereas paid social is any paid for social media advertising activity you carry out. Both are essential as one another when it comes to your social media strategy, no matter what field your business is in. 

Have Any Questions?

Our expert social media management team is always available to help with any queries that you may have about taking your next steps. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what topclick can do for your business!

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