WordPress Maintenance

Success needs to be maintained

Keeping your website in optimal condition is essential for ensuring an outstanding experience for users who visit your website. Lack of attention towards your WordPress installation can lead to conflicts, errors or even your whole website to completely go down! To prevent this from happening, our developers can perform regular updates and analysations to keep everything running as it should.

What do we maintain on your WordPress website?


By keeping your core updated to the latest version, it helps protect your installation from security threats or vulnerabilities that can sometimes occur if it’s not consistently updated to the latest version. If updates are not completed on a regular basis, it could lead to your website becoming hacked by cyber criminals that could inject unpleasant content to damage its reputation or even completely shut it down.


Having plugins on your installation that are fully up to date is important to stop any potential conflicts that could arise from out of date plugin installs. This is even more essential if you have many plugins installed as multiple problems could arise from plugins not being able to operate properly alongside many others due to out of date functionality, and with many more plugins installed it can also increase the frequency at which problems occur on your installation.


The theme of your website may not seem as important to keep updated as the core or plugins, but this isn’t true. Themes that are out of date can cause even more problems as they are responsible for how your website works and how it appears. A theme that isn’t kept updated to the latest release can cause display malfunctions, page loading errors or complete failure to load any page at all.

Any problems? No problem

As well as making sure your WordPress installation is in perfect condition, our WordPress maintenance service is also focused on convenience for you when it comes to adding to your website. If you would like to add in any additional pages, content or simple functionality, all you have to do it simply send it to us. Meaning you can get on with running your business while our experienced designers and developers are undertaking the work you need done.

What are the costs?

Managing your own website can be frustrating, especially if you aren’t confident with making changes or updating various elements. We think convenience shouldn’t warrant a large price tag, which is why our offering is not only consistent and effective, but also customer centric with fair pricing for an unbeatable level of service.

Prices from £75.00 + VAT per month

What’s included?

24/7 dedicated agent

Expert WordPress management

Personal service

Weekly updates (every Tuesday)

Confirmation email option available

Why should you work with topclick?

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