Technology for your success

topclick’s ability to stay ahead of the curve regarding new digital innovations has allowed us to maintain our success over the last 20 years. This has included programmatic advertising, the automated process of buying and optimising digital ad space, rather than manually purchasing it directly from a seller.

Programmatic advertising uses data insights and algorithms to deliver ads to the right user at the right time. The AI technology processes the user’s behaviour to determine the probability of them clicking a link or completing another action that the advertiser requires.

Why use programmatic advertising?

It is significantly cheaper than paid marketing opportunities from Google, Bing and Facebook.

Access to millions of advertising placements across the internet.

It provides additional audience insights to help with other marketing activities.

Allows you to set specific parameters on the audiences you would like to reach, leading to highly effective targeting.

It can generate leads, e-commerce sales or brand awareness.

A fully trackable and transparent marketing channel.

Programmatic advertising works best in a multichannel approach, particularly alongside pay-per-click (PPC). Once set up, our team will constantly evaluate the results and look to capitalise on new opportunities that the real-time data reveals.