Meet the Team: Brandon Fryer

In the last ‘Meet the Team’ edition, we spoke with our Founder & Managing Director Miles Cottrell, and today we’re sitting down with our Operations Manager Brandon Fryer. Brandon has been an integral part of the topclick team for 2 years now, and has a wide variety of responsibilities that range from website design to assisting the creation of new promotional campaigns.

How did you get into marketing?

After leaving 6th form, I really wanted to get out into the world of work and learn skills hands on. Not really having a fixed idea of what I wanted to do, I did quite a bit of research and found a local marketing agency recruiting for an apprenticeship. The broad range of responsibilities and opportunities for learning really appealed to me, so I applied for the position and the rest is history!

What does a standard day for the Operations Manager include?

There’s no such thing as a ‘standard day’ for an Operations Manager at topclick, and that’s a good thing! One day I could be working alongside Miles developing a new promotional campaign and the next I could be knee-deep in spreadsheets, every day is different which really does appeal to my thirst for variety. But no matter what task I am working on, each and every day I am working towards ensuring topclick is one of the most effective marketing agencies in our industry, as well as helping the team reach their own personal and work-based goals.

What is your favourite project you’ve worked on?

To date my favourite project that I’ve worked on has to be for a world-famous gentleman’s club in London; whilst working with them there was always something exciting happening each day! On top of that, the members of the gentleman’s club that I worked alongside were truly some of the most interesting characters I’ve ever met!

What was your first job and what did it teach you about what you do today?

My first job was as an apprentice for a small marketing agency in Surrey; as is the nature of being an apprentice you are constantly learning all the time and absorbing large amounts of information from those with a wealth of knowledge of the industry. I worked on a wide range of different projects across every area of the business during my time there, but I really took a shine to website design, which ultimately pushed me onto the path of becoming a dedicated website designer for the next few years. As to how it’s brought me to where I am now, my time as a website designer taught me many skills in time management and process efficiencies, which has massively helped me deliver effective change as an Operations Manager.

Where do you get your motivation and inspiration from?

My motivation throughout my career has largely come from my drive to learn new skills, whether that’s for something I’ve done for many years or something I’ve just started. There’s so much to learn about even the most simple of tasks; even if something is easy to complete, there is much more to learn about how to complete that task even faster and better. This desire to learn about the most efficient ways of completing a task has always driven me forward. My greatest inspiration in life comes from my parents who have worked very hard for everything they have, and it really showed me that if you really want something in life you have to work hard for it and be unwavering in your determination.

Where would we most likely find you outside of work?

You would most likely find me either spending time with friends on the PlayStation or down the pub having a few drinks! Me and my brother have both recently taken up investing on the stock market, so we spend some of our free time strategising the best moves to make, which creates a healthy bit of competition for both of us!

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